Wednesday, 27 July 2011

speakasiaonline facing criminal charges

Here is another multilevel marketing company in the name of speakasiaonline facing criminal charges. People never learn that MLM is nothing but cheating. Speakasiaonline is inducing people to become members by paying certain amount with the promise of huge returns. All the members have to do is fill some senseless survey forms. 
speakasiaonline never reveals which companies are paying it money for conducting surveys. It does reveal some names and the said companies refuted that they are paying for surveys.
Dear fellow humans all over world, do not fall for the easy and quick money. They are out to cheat you and ultimately you would lose your money and relations with your friends, kith and kin.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

MLM means Making of Lots of Money by unscrupulous entities

Multilevel marketing (MLM) means Making of Lots of Money with other people's efforts and other people's money. Various High Courts in India slammed this business model and held that it is a fraud being pulled against people. Still, a number of companies have been thriving in our society and making a fast buck.
A score of companies have been playing havoc with the lives of people by snatching their hard-earned money. 
It is high time that people should unite and stop the illegal business activities of these unscrupulous entities.